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  • Deepcool RGB 200EX

    Standard 5050 RGB LED Strip.
    Made of 12 standard 5050 RGB LEDs to meet the multiple color effect lighting demands inside the case.
    Synchronized control via 12V RGB Header on M/B.
    Can be easily controlled by 12V RGB Header on M/B, no additional controller needed, and can synchronize with other RGB devices.
    Offers two mounting methods – magnet and double-faced adhesive.
    Can be easily fixed onto iron surface by in-built magnet, or using double-faced adhesive to fix onto the surface of metal or plastic.
    Connect to any other 12V RGB devices.
    Can be synchronously controlled in any combination with other DEEPCOOL/GAMER STORM brand 12V RGB devices, like coolers, fans, cases and hubs (sold separately) etc.

    Deepcool RGB 200EX

  • Deepcool PAB 300

    PAB 300 is applicable for the MATREXX 70 / MATREXX 55 V3/ MATREXX 50 / MACBUE 310 series case.
    Its 90°vertical installation perfectly displays your graphic card and offers complete protection.
    Standard high-quality PCI-E 16X 164-pins slot for both ends.
    Large rubber pad is attached at the bottom

    Deepcool PAB 300

  • Deepcool RF 120 FS Fan

    Dazzling preset lighting effect (purple/blue/orange) from 6 high-brightness, long-lasting LEDs.
    Optimized 9 fan blades design, balancing air flow and wind pressure.
    PWM smart adjustment technology, effectively reducing wind noise.
    4-pin power connector for high-performance and stability.
    4 standard-sized screws, keeping the frame stable and the installation simple.
    Improved hydraulic self-oiling bearing, yielding enhanced product life-span.

  • Deepcool N200

    Compatible with 15.6-inch or smaller notebooks.
    120mm fan delivering high volume airflow to achieve high cooling performance.
    Massive aluminum mesh optimizes airflow through the panel to achieve efficient notebook cooling.
    Anti-slip design for safe notebook placement.

    Deepcool N200

  • Deepcool WIND PAL MINI

    140 mm blue LED fan.
    Crescent body cross-section and metal mesh panel design to deliver impressive airflow.
    Unique crescent-shaped construction for enhancing user comfort.

  • Deepcool U PAL

    Ultrafast USB 3.0 passthrough connector for rapid data transfer speeds;
    Unique U-shaped design provides smooth cooling airflow to hotspots on your notebook;
    Adjustable angle to protect your spine and physical health;
    Two 140 mm fans that provide air current coverage equivalent to eight 70 mm fans.

    Deepcool U PAL

  • Deepcool Multicore X6

    4 built-in fans deliver high airflow volume for cooling the entire notebook base with no blind area.
    Creative Multi-Core Control Technology enables users to select from one of the 4 different fan operating combinations: 4 fans ON / 2 upper fans ON / 2 downside fans ON / 4 fans OFF.
    Ergonomic design with 2 viewing angles for improved user comfort.
    Massive metal mesh panel for superb cooling performance.
    2 USB ports for connecting to external USB devices.

  • Deepcool N9 BLACK

    180 mm high performance, high airflow volume fan
    All-aluminum panel for efficient heat dissipation
    Innovative airflow channels for improved and accelerated heat dissipation
    6 adjustable usage angles offering more options for achieving user comfort.
    4 USB ports allow users to conveniently work with external USB devices.
    Adjustable fan speed to achieve balance between performance and quiet operations.
    3 protective features for safe use at any angle.

    Deepcool N9 BLACK

  • Deepcool N80 RGB


    • Compatible with 17.3″ notebooks and below.
    • 16.7 million RGB colors LED, up to 6 illumination modes (3 dynamic modes and 3 monochrome modes), up to 8 different colors to choose from.
    • Capacitive touch key for switching illumination modes and colors.
    • Panel made of pure metal, significantly increased heat conduction efficiency to more evenly distribute heat.
    • Dual 140mm silent fans enhance heat dissipation quietly with fan speed of 800RPM.
    • Two adjustable supporting angles aim to accommodate different users’ habits for better human body accommodation.
    • Two USB 3.0 ports, to provide another USB port after it plugs into one of USB 3.0 ports on your laptop.

    Deepcool N80 RGB

  • Deepcool GamerStorm MF120 3 In 1 RGB

    Unique frameless design features a seamless all-in one skeleton frame made with 100% aluminum alloy
    Two layer blower blades designed for maximum efficiency and the suspended fan mounting offers a better unrestricted airflow
    Built-in 16.7M true color RGB lighting system controlled by the dedicated multi-function controller. Wireless connection by means of WIFI provides remote control with high stability and flexibility
    Five built in lighting effects (dynamic, static, breathing, comet, and fashion collision) provide 36 interchangeable lighting modes
    Multi-function APP available for iOS and Android devices supports control and changes to the RGB lighting modes as well as fan speed

  • Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Blue


    • AMD AM4 Ready. (NOTE: Refer to FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 for the manuals)
    • Equipped with multiple clips to support Intel LGA20XX/1366/115X/775 and AMD AM4/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/K8.
    • 4 sintered metal powder heatpipes directly contacting the CPU surface for removing heat and eliminating chances of overheating.
    • 120 x 120 x 25mm PWM fan generates optimal airflow.
    • Semi-transparent fan with blue LED for a modder-vibe.
    • Can be easily installed without moving the motherboard.
    • Extra fan clips allow the mounting of a second fan to build the perfect push-pull configuration.
  • Deepcool GamerStorm Castle 360EX WH ARGB


    • Anti-leak Tech Inside, exclusively safe.
    • 25% more skived fins on the back side of the copper base, the heat absorption area extensively increased.
    • Flow route optimized to reduce operation noise and energy loss.
    • 3 specially tuned TF120 S fans are included (in matching the radiator’s properties)
    • Customizable Logo, exciting DIY experience.
    • Ultra large copper base, extensive compatibility (including TR4).
    • 5V Addressable RGB, adjustable through the motherboard, or included the controller.

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